Age Requirements

What are the age requirements for renting?

You must be at least 21 years of age to rent. The following provisions apply for customers between the ages of 21 and 24.

  • A Young Driver surcharge of $25/day will be applied.
  • Certain vehicle classes may be restricted.

Required Credentials

What identification will I need to present when I pick up my rental?

At the time of rental car pick-up, all drivers must present a valid driver's license in the driver's name. Non-U.S. residents are required to present a valid driver’s license. If the information on your driver’s license is not written in English, an International Driving Permit must be provided.

Do I need to present a credit/debit card when I pick up my rental?

Yes. At the time of rental, the renter must present a valid Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or debit card in their name, unless 3rd party payment requirements have been met. Prepaid charge cards, gift cards, and cash are not accepted at rental. See Payment Options for additional information.

Do you perform a credit check?

No. Credit checks are not used as part of our rental qualification process.

Additional Drivers

Who is authorized to drive my rental car?

The renter listed on the Rental Agreement is the only authorized driver of the rental vehicle, unless an additional driver has been added to the Rental Agreement.

How can I add an additional driver?

An authorized additional driver must meet the same rental requirements as the primary driver. You may add up to one additional driver to your rental after placing your reservation. Authorized additional driver must provide required credentials in order to be added to the Rental Agreement.

What if I allow another person to drive without adding them to the Rental Agreement?

Allowing an unauthorized driver to drive a vehicle rented in your name is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of your Rental Agreement. As such this will void any coverages you have purchased, may result in the car being impounded by the police, and result in insurance coverage denial by your insurance company.

Can someone else return the car for me if I am not available to return the car myself?

Yes, someone else can return the car for you as long as they are listed on your Rental Agreement as an authorized additional driver.

Do you charge extra for an additional driver?

Yes. The fee for an additional driver is $10 per rental day.

Terms & Conditions

What specific terms or conditions apply to my rental?

Your Rental Agreement is a legally binding contract. It details the terms of your rental. You will be required to agree to and sign the Rental Agreement before Alaska Auto Rental releases a vehicle to you. The Rental Agreement details your rental dates, type of car, type of rental, rates and fees, and renter information. If you have questions about your rental terms, please contact us. Always closely review the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions when you pick up your rental. Our rental agents are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your rental. See a current copy of the Terms and Conditions for more details.


Making a Reservation

What types of reservations can I make online?

You can place reservations for the following types of rentals online:

  • Short Term Rentals (30 days or less)
  • Gravel Highway Rentals (specialty rental vehicles for use in remote areas of Alaska)
  • One-way rental itineraries between established locations.
  • Reservations using a credit card.
What types of reservations can I make over the phone?

Our rental agents can assist with all types of reservations over the phone, including:

  • Short term rentals (30 days or less)
  • Long term rentals (longer than 30 days)
  • Gravel Highway Rentals (specialty rental vehicles for use in remote areas of Alaska)
  • Reservations using a credit card or debit card.
  • After-hours Rentals
  • One-way Rentals between any locations
  • Rentals of vehicle classes that have limited availability
  • Rentals starting within the next 7 days
  • Corporate and group reservations
What information should I have available when I make a reservation?

You will need the following information available to place a reservation:

  • Your preferred pick-up and drop-off dates, times, and location(s)
  • The class of vehicle you would like to rent
  • Your credit card (or debit card for phone reservations)
  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
I am trying to make an online reservation but receive a message telling me to call the rental office. Why is this and what should I do?

You may receive this message if you are attempting to:

  • Pick-up a vehicle outside of our regular rental office hours
  • Reserve a class of vehicle that has limited availability
  • Pick-up a vehicle within the next 7 days

If you receive this message, please call our rental office directly at 844-457-7368 to place your reservation.

Do you lease vehicles?

Yes. Alaska Auto Rental offers several options to choose from. We offer a long term rental option for customers who need a vehicle for up to a year at a time. We also offer leasing opportunities for customers with lease terms up to 36 months. The longer the rental, the greater the savings. Contact our office by phone at 844-457-7368 for details.

Modifying a Reservation

How do I modify my existing reservation?

You can easily modify an existing reservation by calling our rental office directly at 844-457-7368. Our rental agents will be happy to help you. Reservation modifications are subject to current rates and availability.

When I try to change my rental to another date, I can't always get the car at the same rate. Why?

Car rental rates fluctuate much as airline and hotel prices do. We promise that the rate you reserve is the rate you will pay – but we can't promise that the same rate you reserve today will apply for a different rental period.

Payment Requirements

Is a credit card required to place an online reservation?

Yes. In order to maintain exceptional customer service for our customers, every reservation with Alaska Auto Rental receives our Reservation Guarantee. Placing a guaranteed reservation requires prepayment of the estimated rental cost at the time a reservation is placed.

Will my credit card be charged when I make the reservation?

Yes. Your card will be charged the estimated rental cost at the the time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations cancelled at least 7 days prior to the scheduled rental date are fully refundable. Cancellations or changes made less than 7 days before the scheduled rental date are non-refundable.

Reservation Guarantee

What is your Reservation Guarantee?

When you place a reservation with Alaska Auto Rental, we guarantee that you will receive the class of vehicle you reserved or better. Unlike other car rental companies, we do not routinely overbook reservations. You can rest assured that if you have a reservation with Alaska Auto Rental, your vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Why do you provide a Reservation Guarantee?

We have heard firsthand accounts of the problems that customers have experienced at other rental companies when they arrived to pick up a rental vehicle and were told that there were no vehicles available to fulfill their reservation. We understand that many customers are in Alaska for a once in a lifetime trip, and that an unplanned trip interruption can be a significant inconvenience. We believe that providing customers with assurance that their vehicle will be waiting for them when they arrive is essential to customer satisfaction.

How long will you hold a car for a guaranteed reservation?

If you have a guaranteed reservation, we will hold a vehicle for you until 4 hours after your scheduled pick-up time. Vehicles that are not picked up within 4 hours of their scheduled pick-up time may be released. If your arrival is going to be delayed, please call our rental office. Although vehicle availability is not guaranteed after 4 hours has passed, we will do our best to fulfill your reservation if you arrive late.


Getting the Best Rate

Does have the best car rental rates?

Our best rates are always available on Car rental pricing is like airline and hotel pricing – if you travel at off-peak times or make a reservation in advance, you can often find the best prices. The more flexibility you have in your rental dates, the more you can save. Taking advantage of low car rental rates is a lot like finding low airfares. Your price depends on the dates and duration of your travel. When you find a great rate, book it quickly while there is still availability. The best rental car rates are usually offered at least a month in advance - and the longer you keep your car, the better average daily rate you can usually get.

Why was I quoted a higher rental rate than the last time I checked prices for the same reservation?

Car rental pricing is a lot like airfare pricing – the prices change depending on car availability, seasonality, and many other factors. Our rates are updated on a regular basis to remain competitive in the marketplace. When you see a great rate for the car you want – RESERVE IT IMMEDIATELY – because it might not be available later!

Is Alaska Auto Rental always the cheapest?

We strive to provide the best value and doing so does not always translate to offering the lowest price. The features included with a given vehicle are often different between rental companies and can affect the rental rate. For example our Winter Vehicle Fleet and Gravel Highway Vehicles are equipped with important features that improve the renter's safety, which are not included on similar vehicles from other companies. We also offer a variety of complimentary services which are not available from other companies.

Rate Calculations

How is my rental rate calculated?

Your estimated total is calculated based on the information provided at time of reservation. Any additional options you select after placing your reservation are not included in your online total. When you receive your rental agreement our helpful rental staff can review all charges with you to ensure that your total charges are accurate.

Are taxes and fees included in my rental rate?

Yes. All mandatory taxes and fees are included in your rate quote.

When does the time start for my rental?

Your rental begins at the time you sign the Rental Agreement or at the time that you had scheduled to pick up your rental, whichever is earlier.

How long is a rental day?

A rental day is calculated on a 24 hour period, not by calendar day. (Example: If you pick up a vehicle at 11:00am and return it by 11:00am the following day you will have the vehicle for one rental day.)

Do you rent cars by the hour?

No. All rates are based on a 24 hour rental day with a one day minimum rental. If you return the vehicle less than 24 hours after pick-up, you will still be charged for the full day.

Why was I billed for an additional day?

Rental charges are computed based on a rental day consisting of 24 consecutive hours commencing at the time of rental. If the vehicle is returned after it is scheduled to be returned, additional charges will be incurred. For additional information, see Late Returns.

Taxes & Fees

What taxes are applicable to my rental?

State Vehicle Rental Tax: The state of Alaska has a 10% Vehicle Rental Tax that applies to all car rentals under 91 days. This tax is included in your estimated rental rate.

Municipality of Anchorage Rental Vehicle Tax: An 8% Rental Vehicle Tax is imposed by the Municipality of Anchorage on vehicle rentals originating in Anchorage. This tax is included in your estimated rental rate if you are picking up a vehicle in Anchorage.

Are airport taxes, concessions, or fees going to be added to my rate?

No! Since Alaska Auto Rental is not located at the airport and does not service the airport you will not have to pay additional airport taxes, concessions, or fees for your rental.

Will any other charges apply?

Additional options or equipment that you add after placing your reservation will be extra. At all charges that are known in advance of the rental are quoted as part of your estimated total rate – so you won't have any surprises when you get to the rental counter. Any charges that can't be determined until the completion of your rental, such as cleaning, smoking, or fuel charges, will be calculated and charged upon vehicle check-in.

Extensions, Early & Late Returns

May I extend my rental beyond the original return date?

Yes, subject to availability. If you wish to extend a rental you must speak with a rental agent at our office. We will be happy to accommodate your request if possible. Your rental agent will provide all necessary details when you call.

Will I be charged for extending my rental?

If you would like to extend your rental, an additional charge will be made to your credit card at the time you extend to cover any additional anticipated rental charges. These charges must be paid in order for your rental to be extended. Upon your return of the car the actual cost of the rental will be determined and any applicable charges or refunds will be processed. Please note that your bank may take up to two weeks to post any refunds issued to your card. We cannot be held responsible for any effects of delays related to refund processing.

Do late return fees apply if I return my vehicle after its scheduled return?

Late return fees only apply if you fail to call our office and pay for a rental extension prior to your original due back time.

How are late return fees calculated?

If a vehicle is returned late, a late return fee and additional rental charges and taxes will apply. The rate for additional days will be listed on your rental agreement, and a late return fee of $50 will apply to each day or portion thereof that the vehicle is overdue. There is no proration of rental fees, surcharges and optional equipment or protection coverage charges. Full day charges will apply for these items for each extra day or portion thereof that the vehicle remains rented.

May I return the car outside of your regular office hours?

Yes. Vehicles can be returned any time of day regardless of office hours.


Will my vehicle be full of fuel when I pick it up?

Yes. All rental vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel.

Does the rental quote include the cost of fuel?

Alaska Auto Rental's rates do not include the cost of fuel. Return with a full tank of fuel to avoid refueling charges.

What will happen if I return the vehicle without a full tank of fuel?

If you return the vehicle without a full tank of fuel we will refuel it for you at a rate of $9.00 per gallon plus a $10.00 refueling service fee.


Changing Drop-off Location

Can I change where I return a vehicle after I've picked it up?

To make a modification to the return location after you have signed the Rental Agreement and have taken possession of the vehicle, please call our rental office and speak with a rental agent. Additional charges for changing your return location may apply, and requests will be subject to fleet availability.

One-way Rentals

Can I pick up at one location and return at another?

Yes. With our convenient one-way rentals you have the freedom to rent from one location and return to another. Reserve your one-way rental today by simply calling our rental office with your desired itinerary. If you choose to return the rental car somewhere other than your scheduled return location, please call our rental office in advance to determine whether any return restrictions or additional destination charges apply.

What happens if I drop the car at a different location than where it is scheduled to return?

If you do not contact us and receive approval before returning your car to an alternate location, you will incur an unauthorized return location fee of $5 per mile based on the distance between the return location specified on your rental contract and the location of the vehicle when recovered, subject to a $50 minimum. The car will remain on contract and the responsibility of the renter until it is recovered by an agent of Alaska Auto Rental.

Travel into Canada

Can I rent a vehicle to travel out of Alaska?

Yes. Rentals that involve traveling into Canada must be placed by calling the rental office directly. Since specific restrictions apply, it's always best to ask about any cross-border restrictions before traveling.

Dalton Highway (and other "Gravel Highways")

Can I travel on "gravel highways"?

Our standard rental vehicles, including vehicles with 4 wheel drive, are to be operated only on regularly maintained paved roads. They are not authorized for use on the Dalton Highway, Elliot Highway past Livengood, Steese Highway (past milepost 82), Denali Highway, Denali Park Rd (past milepost 15), McCarthy Road, Taylor Highway, the Top of the World Highway, Petersville Rd past Kroto Creek, Hatcher Pass Rd (MP 17 to MP 33), or the Dempster Highway. Alaska Auto Rental offers specially equipped Gravel Highway Vehicles for use on these roads.



What types of vehicles do you offer?

Our diverse fleet features a variety of late model car, trucks, SUVs, and vans from various manufacturers. Some specialized and limited availability vehicle classes may not be listed online. If you do not find the class of vehicle you want, contact us to find out if we offer what you are looking for.

Can I reserve a specific make, model, or color of car?

Since our vehicles are reserved and rented by class it is not possible to reserve a specific make, model or color.

Are any of the vehicles 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes. Alaska Auto Rental's extensive fleet includes midsize SUVs, large SUVs, and pickups which offer 4 wheel drive. If you are concerned about having the best possible traction for winter driving you will appreciate our Winter Vehicle Standards.

Permissible Usage

Can I rent a car to take a driving test?

No. You must have a valid driver's license to operate a rental vehicle.

Can I use a rental car to tow?

Towing is not allowed unless explicitly authorized. Towing is restricted to specific vehicle classes and additional renter qualifications.

Can I install a roof rack, hitch rack, or other exterior storage device to my rental vehicle?

No. Installing exterior storage accessories on the rental vehicle is not permitted. Before placing your reservation, our friendly rental agents would be happy to help you select a vehicle class that has an appropriate amount of space for the passengers and baggage you need to carry.

Can I get snow chains?

Snow chains are not offered or permitted as optional equipment because of the potential damage to the rental vehicle. We do, however, equip our winter vehicles to our exclusive Winter Vehicle Standards, in order to provide renters with the safest rental experience possible.

What is the policy regarding off-road driving?

Off-road use of any rental car is a violation of the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions. Travel on "gravel highways" is prohibited with standard rental vehicles and requires rental of a Gravel Highway Vehicle. Alaska Auto Rental vehicles are equipped with a fleet monitoring system to ensure that standard rental vehicles are not used on gravel highways.

Do you permit pets in the rental car?

No. Pets are not permitted in our cars. If evidence of pets (hair, odor, stains, etc.) is present when the car is returned the renter will incur an additional charge for the additional detailing required to return the car to is previous condition, up to $500.

Is smoking permitted in rental cars?

No. Alaska Auto Rental maintains a 100% smoke-free fleet, and any type of smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles. Renters returning vehicles with evidence (odor, ash, etc) of smoking of any kind (including cigarrettes, cigars, e-cigs, marijuana, etc) will be charged a smoking fee of $500.

Winter Vehicle Standards

Why does Alaska Auto Rental have special Winter Vehicle Standards?

At Alaska Auto Rental, your safety is our priority. We outfit our winter fleet with the appropriate equipment to make them safe and reliable in the extremes that are encountered in Alaska in the winter.

What are Alaska Auto Rental's Winter Vehicle Standards?

Vehicles outfitted to our Winter Vehicle Standards are equipped with high traction winter tires, advanced winterization packages, cold weather rated fluids, extension cords, ice scrapers and snow brushes.

What is the difference between high traction winter tires and "all-season" tires?

All-season tires are the tires that vehicles are equipped with during the summer. They do not provide adequate traction on icy roads during the winter. The high traction winter tires on our vehicles are anon-studded design made out of a soft rubber, siped for high performance on the ice. We have found these tires to significantly outperform studded and "all-season" tires when turning or braking on icy roads. Many customers have stated that front wheel drive vehicles equipped with these tires handle better than 4 wheel drive vehicles equipped with "all-season" tires.

What is an advanced winterization package?

Vehicles do not start easily (or at all) at -40 degrees without being winterized. Our winterization package involves adding electric heaters to the engine and transmission, a battery maintainer, and cold weather rated fluids to each vehicle. Vehicles with this package should be plugged in when the temperature is below zero and they are parked for more than two hours.

Where do I plug in a winterized vehicle?

We supply an extension cord with winterized vehicles during the winter. There is an electrical plug located at the front of the rental vehicle. You will connect the extension cord from this plug to an electrical outlet near your parking spot (supplied near parking spaces at most local accommodations). Just be sure to remember to unplug and stow the extension cord back in your vehicle before you drive away!

Do I have to pay extra for vehicles that meet your Winter Vehicle Standards?

No. Unlike other rental companies, we do not charge extra to provide you with safe and reliable vehicles that are equipped to handle the extreme conditions of Alaskan winters.

Do I really need a vehicle that meets the Winter Vehicle Standards?

If you are traveling in Alaska during the winter you will likely encounter icy roads and cold temperatures. It is in your best interest to get a vehicle that will reliably keep you safe during your winter travels.

Are autostarts included in your Winter Vehicle Standards?

Autostarts are available on some of our vehicles. Having the convenience of starting your vehicle remotely and letting it warm up before you leave the building can be very convenient when it's cold outside. Feel free to call our office for more information.

Gravel Highway Vehicles

Do I need a Gravel Highway Vehicle for my trip?

If you will be traveling on the Dalton Highway, Elliot Highway past Livengood, Steese Highway past milepost 82, Denali Highway, Denali Park Rd (past milepost 15), McCarthy Road, Taylor Highway, Petersville Rd past Kroto Creek, Hatcher Pass Rd (MP 17 to MP 33), or the Dempster Highway, or if any of your destinations include the Arctic Circle, Coldfoot, Wiseman, Deadhorse, Central, Circle, Minto, Manley, McCarthy, Chicken, Eagle, or Dawson City you will need to rent a Gravel Highway Vehicle.

Can I just use a standard rental vehicle to travel on gravel highways?

No. Standard rental vehicles are not equipped for traveling on gravel highways and are prohibited from doing so. Alaska Auto Rental vehicles are equipped with a fleet monitoring system to ensure that standard rental vehicles are not used on gravel highways. Traveling on gravel highways with a standard rental vehicle is a violation of your Rental Agreement, will void any coverages you purchased, and may cause extensive damage to the vehicle. Renters who travel on gravel highways with standard rental vehicles will be subject to a $300 per rental day charge in addition to their standard rental rate and any damages that they incur.

How are Gravel Highway Vehicles equipped?

Alaska Auto Rental's Gravel Highway Vehicles are equipped with two spare tires and a CB radio. Gravel Highway Vehicles also follow a thorough preventative maintenance program and undergo safety inspection before each rental.

Are satellite phones available?

Vehicles are not equipped with satellite phones. If you wish to rent a satellite phone we recommend

What insurance coverage is required to rent a Gravel Highway Vehicle?

Each driver of a Gravel Highway Vehicle must provide proof of full coverage (liability, comprehensive, and collision) automobile insurance in their name issued by a US insurance company. Credit card coverages and travel insurance policies will NOT meet this requirement.

Accidents or Damage

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident or the car is damaged during my rental?

Auto accidents are not something people like to think about, especially on a business trip or vacation, but they can and do happen, even to the most careful drivers. When an accident occurs be sure to follow these important steps:
1. Make sure that you are in a safe area away from traffic.
2. Contact local police and complete a police report. If another party is involved in the accident, ensure that the other party's contact information is included in the police report and kept for your personal reference.
3. Contact our rental office (during business hours) or our 24-hour roadside assistance service (if the accident occurs outside of business hours) to report the accident by calling 844-457-7368.
4. If you did not purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), contact your personal auto insurance company and establish a damage claim.
5. Complete and return an Alaska Auto Rental Accident Report within 24 hours of the incident. Verify that the entire form is completed to ensure there is no delay in the processing of your claim.

Who is responsible if my rental car gets damaged?

You are responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the vehicle resulting from any cause including and not limited to collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, fire, flood, hail or other acts of nature. To reduce your exposure to these types of charges, consider purchasing the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) during checkout.

What if I am not at fault for the damage?

If there is another party involved in the accident that is at fault make sure to collect the other party's contact information so we may pursue them and/or their insurance company on your behalf for damages. Please note that our pursuit of the other party does not absolve you from your contractual obligation to pay for the damage.

After I filed my claim, I discovered that I will be charged a Loss of Use Fee and an Administrative Fee, Why?

Loss of Use – As a renter, you are contractually and legally liable for the loss of the specific vehicle you rented, per the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement. When a rental vehicle is unavailable to be rented, Alaska Auto Rental is legally entitled to be compensated for that loss.

Administrative Fee – Alaska Auto Rental is not an insurance company. The expense of processing our claims is passed on only to the responsible parties involved. We are legally entitled to have the damaged vehicle repaired and returned to pre-accident condition, which includes any expenses related to administering a claim.

How do I contact your claims department?

Before contacting our claims department, please ensure that you have submitted an Alaska Auto Rental Accident Report. Complete the entire form and submit it along with any police reports and other pertinent documentation, if available.

If you need further information regarding the status of an accident claim after filing an accident report, you can contact our claims department by email at [email protected]


Credit Cards

Which credit cards do you accept?

VISA, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards can be used to place reservations online, by phone, or in person. The credit card used when placing your reservation must be in the name of the renter and must be presented at the time you pick up your rental.

Debit Cards

Can I use a debit card?

Debit cards (sometimes called check cards) issued with a VISA or Mastercard logo which draw funds directly from the cardholder's checking account may be used to qualify for rentals placed by phone or in person. Debit cards may not be used for online reservations. The debit card used when placing your reservation must be in the name of the renter and must be presented at the time you pick up your rental. Rentals secured by a debit card will be charged a refundable $500 security deposit when you pick up your rental, in addition to the estimated rental charges.

Cash & Prepaid Cards

Can I pay with cash or a prepaid card?

No. Alaska Auto Rental does not accept cash or prepaid cards for payment at this time.

Deposit Requirements

Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?

Yes. Generally your card will be charged the estimated cost of the rental at the time of reservation. For rentals charged to a debit card, the debit card will also be charged a refundable $500 security deposit when you pick up your rental.

I've returned the rental car. When will my deposit be refunded?

Upon your return of the car, the actual cost of the rental will be determined and any applicable charges or refunds will be processed. Please note that your card issuer may take up to two weeks to post any refunds issued to your card. Since the card issuer is responsible for releasing funds back to their customers' accounts, you must contact the card issuer directly for assistance. We cannot be held responsible for any effects of delays related to refund processing.

Third Party Payments

Can I use another person's credit card with their permission?

No. At the time of rental, the renter is required to present a valid driver's license and credit card with their name imprinted on it.

Can another person use their credit card for my rental?

Yes. In order to do so, the cardholder will need to call our rental office to request a Third Party Credit Card Authorization Form.

Can I have Alaska Auto Rental bill my insurance company for my rental?

No, but we can provide you with an itimized receipt after your rental that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Can my company be billed directly for traveling employees?

Alaska Auto Rental offers several corporate billing options to fit your company's needs. Contact us for more information.


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Do you offer protection against vehicle damages?

Yes. Alaska Auto Rental's optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) protection is a coverage which, if accepted, reduces your financial liability for loss of or damage to the rental vehicle, its parts and accessories, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement. It also provides you with the added peace of mind and assurance that you are protected against any damage claims against your personal automobile insurance by us. Contact your insurance company to determine your coverages before renting your car. Renters who decline the optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) protection must provide proof of full coverage (liability, comprehensive, and collision) automobile insurance in their name at the time of rental. CDW is not available for some vehicle classes, and is not available for any Gravel Highway Vehicles.

Roadside Assistance

What should I do if I run out of gas, get a flat tire, or lock my keys in the car?

Alaska Auto Rental offers a 24 hour callback service that provides logistical support and information services for current renters with roadside emergencies. The cost of services rendered is not included in this service.


Shuttle Service

Do you offer pick-up and return shuttle service?

Shuttle service options vary by rental location. Find out more by looking at the location details for the appropriate Rental Location.

Lost & Found

Does Alaska Auto Rental have a Lost and Found department?

Renters are responsible for their own personal items. We highly recommend that you report any lost belongings as soon as possible. While we can’t promise that we can locate lost items, we’ll do our best to help you. Any personal effects not claimed within 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.