Gravel Highway Vehicles

Do I need a Gravel Highway Vehicle for my trip?

If you will be traveling on the Dalton Highway, Elliot Highway past Livengood, Steese Highway past milepost 82, Denali Highway, Denali Park Rd (past milepost 15), McCarthy Road, Taylor Highway, Petersville Rd past Kroto Creek, Hatcher Pass Rd (MP 17 to MP 33), or the Dempster Highway, or if any of your destinations include the Arctic Circle, Coldfoot, Wiseman, Deadhorse, Central, Circle, Minto, Manley, McCarthy, Chicken, Eagle, or Dawson City you will need to rent a Gravel Highway Vehicle.

Can I just use a standard rental vehicle to travel on gravel highways?

No. Standard rental vehicles are not equipped for traveling on gravel highways and are prohibited from doing so. Alaska Auto Rental vehicles are equipped with a fleet monitoring system to ensure that standard rental vehicles are not used on gravel highways. Traveling on gravel highways with a standard rental vehicle is a violation of your Rental Agreement, will void any coverages you purchased, and may cause extensive damage to the vehicle. Renters who travel on gravel highways with standard rental vehicles will be subject to a $300 per rental day charge in addition to their standard rental rate and any damages that they incur.

How are Gravel Highway Vehicles equipped?

Alaska Auto Rental's Gravel Highway Vehicles are equipped with two spare tires and a CB radio. Gravel Highway Vehicles also follow a thorough preventative maintenance program and undergo safety inspection before each rental.

Are satellite phones available?

Vehicles are not equipped with satellite phones. If you wish to rent a satellite phone we recommend fairbankssatphone.com

What insurance coverage is required to rent a Gravel Highway Vehicle?

Each driver of a Gravel Highway Vehicle must provide proof of full coverage (liability, comprehensive, and collision) automobile insurance in their name issued by a US insurance company. Credit card coverages and travel insurance policies will NOT meet this requirement.

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